Aspire to Change

Aspire to feel differently? Look no further

I run a completely confidential practice and can help with a variety of issues ranging from Phobia release, Emotional stress, Weight management, including Hypnotic Gastric banding if desired, Smoking Cessation, Anxiety or Fear of Public Speaking, Driving Test Nerves, Self Esteem and many more.  In fact Hypnosis can be used effectively for any issue.

How does it work?
The mind is like a computer system.  All of life’s memories are stored in your ‘hard drive’, or your subconscious mind.  More recent day to day events and experiences are stored on the ‘desk top’, or your conscious mind.  Sometimes we find it difficult to let go of our stresses, upsets and fears which we then store in our subconscious mind. This can create more distress and disharmony in our lives and often we need to seek help to overcome this. 

We all ‘Aspire’ to change the way we think , feel or behave at times, and I have the tools to help you

Hypnotherapy is a safe and natural way of working. It is a process which helps to relax the mind, so enabling you to take on board messages, which then in turn helps your mind to heal. . The process of hypnosis is more akin to deep meditation, ensuring you are in control at all times. My job is to focus the mind in order to guide you through some self healing. There are some issues that can be resolved in a single session, however many people will need more sessions if the issue is a deep rooted one that has many facets to it. It is usually not possible to predict in advance, but you as the client will have an indication of how your feelings are changing as you progress. 

I use a variety of techniques in the sessions depending on your needs.  Each client and each session is individual:
EFT :  Emotional Freedom Therapy, or ‘Tapping’
This is a technique that I sometimes use to compliment my therapy.  It is a process of tapping the meridian points (acupuncture points), without the requirement of needles.   Sometimes the energy channels in our bodies become blocked and negative energy is trapped causing emotional disharmony.  EFT is a safe, quick and effective way to release the blockage and allow energy to flow freely again, releasing emotions.
NLP : Neuro –Linguistic ProgrammingNLP is a highly regarded and very effective way of using visual imagery to enhance the success of treating some issues.  It is often used by therapists as an alternative way to combat phobias or to re frame the mind.  It can be fun, interesting, often quite pleasant but usually also fairly powerful energy field and Chakra clearing.
Clearing out negative energy from your chakras so that your meridians work more effectively, helping you stay healthy.


FREE 20 minute consultation.   Please ring for an informal discussion or to arrange a consultation prior to booking your first session
Analytical/clinical  Hypnotherapy £50 Per session
Weight Management  £245 includes 4 sessions  and 2 CD’s
Gastric- Band Hypno £295 includes 4 treatment sessions, plus gastric band fitting under hypnosis,  2 x CD’s and a 5th follow up session if required.

Stop Smoking package £125 to include a follow up session if required, dated and valid for between 4 and 6 months after the initial session.  Includes CD and after care pack.

About Me  
Training:  Qualifications:
Diploma in Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy
Certificated in Emotional Freedom therapy
Licensed in  Gastric Band Hypnosis
Counselling skills level 2
Emotional Freedom Therapy.

Member of the General Hypnotherapy Register, The General Hypnotherapy Standards Council and the National Council for PsychotherapistsI have been working in the field of ‘Special Need’s’ and counselling for both the Health Authority and the Education Department for over 30 years (combined employment)After experiencing stress, and realising the benefits of Hypnotherapy, I found my interest widening into helping other people to overcome their traumas too, or to at least change their way of thinking about issues.I work with adults and children alike, although children under 16 would need to be seen with their parents.I practice mainly from my private premises in Arnold.


“  I thought this was a load of bunkum and came with an open mind but I can’t believe how it works.  I feel totally different – amazing.”   Graham. Ilkeston 

“ I can’t believe how I have changed the way I think about food,  well – I don’t think about it – that’s the point”  –  Denise, Nottingham ‘ EFT Client  

I am struggling to even feel any feeling about it now….that’s amazing’ -  Louise, Nottingham